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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my girl need to be a Girl Scout to register for camp?
By attending camp, your child is a Girl Scout! If she is not yet a registered member, please check the appropriate box in the camp registration process, and pay the additional $25 Girl Scout registration fee.

Can my girl be placed in the same unit with her friend?
If your girl’s friend is also signed up for the same program, then yes, both girls can be in the same program unit. Be sure to list her friend as a “buddy” in the registration process. 

Who are the staff members?
Our camp staff members are enthusiastic, talented and caring adults who are selected on the basis of their experience, ability to serve as positive role models, and their genuine desire to work with children. We select staff who are committed to creating a caring and supportive environment that respects each child as an individual and allows her to feel good about who she is.Staff members are recruited from colleges and universities nationwide, local community agencies, and Girl Scout referrals. Criminal and sexual background checks are completed on all staff members.

What training does the staff receive?
All staff are certified in First Aid/CPR and receive an extensive training prior to the arrival of all campers. Training includes activity programming and outdoor skills, health and safety, emergency procedures, child development, meeting camper needs, dealing with homesickness, COVID-19 safety and cleanliness, DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), secondary trauma response, child welfare & wellness and much more. Staff members who supervise and instruct high adventure or specialty activities are required to have additional training and qualifications. 

What are the check in and check out times?
Camp check-in and check-out will look different this year but safety, efficiency and effectiveness are our top priorities and will be created in response to our new practices. Updates will be posted soon. This will all be confirmed in the Camp Packets that each registration will link to.  

Is there Financial Assistance?
Yes!  Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona firmly believes that all girls should be able to experience camp, and we work hard to secure funding to make that possible. It is simple to apply and we ask caregivers to do so online here.

Check back for updates!

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