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Locations and Properties

COVID Update,  1.06.2022

Please be advised that all events and meetings occuring at any of our property locations will be susceptible to the same COVID-19 requirements in place across our council which include:

  • While indoors, the wearing of masks that cover the nose and mouth, regardless of age or vaccine status
  • While outdoors, where social distancing can be maintained, we are not requiring masks however they are still highly encouraged.
  • For approved short trips and overnight experiences a signed COVID-19 waiver must be submitted for each attendee.

In addition overnight stays MUST be aligned with our current council practices. All overnight attendees must present a negative COVID test, taken within 5 days prior to the event (72 hours is preferred). Fully vaccinated individuals can use a vaccine card in place of current test results. Troops must submit these results to the council before the event. A short or preliminary + final extended trip form must be completed to notify the council about a trip that takes place outside of your normal meeting time and place or occurs outside of your town or city.

Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona maintains several locations and properties across the state. We are proud to own two properties especially for camping: our Hacienda Program Center located in the beautiful Sabino Canyon area of Tucson, and Camp Whispering Pines, a unique getaway on Mt. Lemmon. At the heart of our central Tucson campus, we have our Angel Charity Place for Girls, a two-story program center dedicated entirely to girls.

Our camp properties are available for rental reservations for both Girl Scout members and the public. For more information, please email MacGyver Tank,


Resource Centers

  • Tucson Resource Center
    4300 East Broadway Blvd.
    Tucson, AZ 85711

  • Sierra Vista Resource Center
    2200 El Mercado Loop, Suite 1164
    Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

  • Yuma Resource Center
    3250 S. 4th Ave (Ste. F)
    Yuma, AZ 85364

  • Nogales Resource Center
    1831 N. Mastick Way
    Nogales, AZ 85621


Camps & Program Facilities: