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Volunteer High Five

Volunteer Training

Welcome to the great adventure of Girl Scouting! Thanks to volunteers like you, generations of girls are learning to be leaders in their community and around the world.

We want our volunteers to be successful, engaged and fulfilled in their Girl Scout roles...and what better way to learn than with other dedicated volunteers? Get the training you need and the fun you deserve through our volunteer learning events, where you'll discover new ideas that will enrich your troop’s Girl Scout experience. We also offer a variety of online resources to develop your skills, and empower you to focus on what matters most—creating amazing experiences for your girls!


The Girl Scout Volunteer Learning Path

STEP 1 - First

FIRST - Register as a volunteer, complete a background check, and attend new volunteer training.

  • Troop Leader Orientation
    This in-person training at your local Girl Scout Resource Center covers the ins and outs of leading a Girl Scout troop! Register for a training at a time convenient for you, and learn all about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, Volunteer Toolkit, Finances and Banking, and more. 
STEP 2 - Then

THEN - Complete additional training to prepare yourself and girls for adventures beyond your meeting place.

  • First Aid/CPR 
    A Troop First Aider with the appropriate First Aid/CPR certification is required for any troop activity outside of the regular troop meeting including field trips, events, outdoor activities and traveling to and from events. Refer to Volunteer Essentials to learn more about first aid requirements for Girl Scout activities. 
  • Troop Camp Certification Level 1 
    A Certified Troop Camper with level 1 certification is required for Girl Scout short trips and outdoor adventures, including visits to natural places, hiking, overnight trips, and cabin camping. TCC1 is completed online.
  • Troop Camp Certification Level 2 
    A Certified Troop Camper with level 2 certification is required for any Girl Scout outdoor adventures that include tent camping, campfires, outdoor cooking with a combustible fuel source (wood, propane or charcoal) and outdoor skills such as using pocket knives. TCC2 must be completed in person. 
  • Troop Cookie Manager Training
    This in-person training is required for Troop Cookie Managers, and takes place in advance of Cookie Season. 
STEP 3 - Special Interest

Additional training is available to help you enhance the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for your troop, such as:

Interested in training on a topic you don't see listed? Email and let us know!


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Codes of Conduct

All volunteers are required to sign the Code of Conduct and Receipt of Volunteer Policies, which confirm that you have read and are familiar with the updated Volunteer Policies and Guidelines. We also recommend that you ask caregivers in your troop to sign the Code of Conduct as well. 

We're here for you!

Volunteer help and support is always a phone call or email away. Our Customer Care and Troop Support Teams are happy to answer your questions and assist you as you volunteer. Just call 520-327-2288, or email