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Gold Award Girl Scouts

Issues of the world, meet your match. 

 The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn, acknowledges each recipient’s power and dedication to not only bettering herself, but to making the world a better place for others. These young women are courageous leaders and visionary change makers. They are our future—and it is bright!

Learn more about the Gold Award and about scholarships for Gold Award Girl Scouts!

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You can pursue your Girl Scout Gold Award if:
  • You're in high school (ninth through twelfth grade, or equivalent)
  • You're registered as a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador
  • You have completed two Senior or Ambassador Journeys OR earned the Girl Scout Silver Award and completed a Journey

As you look for meaningful ways to contribute to your community, you can sharpen your problem-solving skills and expand your definition of philanthropy by learning the difference between community service and Take Action projects here

Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona's approval is needed prior to beginning your project. Earning the Girl Scout Gold Award involves the time to complete a Journey/Silver Award (step 1), and then a suggested minimum of 80 hours to complete steps 2-8 below. 

Steps to Earn the Girl Scout Gold Award:

Step 1: Training

Attend a Gold Award Training. (See our event calendar to register for an upcoming session.)

Step 2: GoGold Online

Once you have completed Gold Award Training, register for GoGold Online and familiarize yourself with the Gold Award Guidelines.

Step 3: Meet the Gold Award Committee

Next, you will be paired with a Gold Award Committee member, who will serve as your mentor through the Gold Award process, from proposal to completion.

Step 4: Submit your Proposal

After working with your Gold Award Committee mentor, submit your project proposal via GoGold Online.

Step 5: Present your Proposal

Register to present your Gold Award proposal to the Gold Award Committee for approval.

Step 6: Take Action!

As soon as the Gold Award Commitee approves your project, it is time to TAKE ACTION! Don't forget to snap photos and videos along the way, and to keep a journal documenting your journey.

Step 7: Finalize Project

When your project is complete, submit your final project report via GoGold Online.

Step 8: Interview

Next,share your successes, challenges, and impact at your final interview with the Gold Award committee. 

Step 9: Celebrate!

Last but not least, celebrate your amazing accomplishment at the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona Young Women of Distinction Ceremony! 



Resources for Girls

pens-pencils_32Resources for Girls


  • Review the Gold Award Guidelines, which gives you helpful tips, from choosing an issue, to successfully taking action, and all the steps and forms in between!
  • Understand the numerical requirements of the Gold Award as you build your project using Gold vs. Silver: By the Numbers
  • Check out these additional resources to help you brainstorm Take Action project ideas and community resources. 
  • Keep in mind the Gold Award Rubric as you work through your project. 


  • Before you put your project into action, complete and submit all proposal documents to Mariah at 
    • Fill out your GSUSA Gold Award Proposal online via GSUSA's Go Gold Web App. The Go Gold Web App is GSSOAZ's and GSUSA's preferred method of receiving your Gold Award Proposal. 
  • After both forms are received you will be contacted  to schedule your Proposal Interview.  


  • Once you’ve taken action to make the world a better place and completed your Gold Award project, complete and submit all three forms below along with a headshot and project photos to Mariah at
    •  Fill out your GSUSA Gold Award Final Report online via GSUSA's Go Gold Web App. The Go Gold Web App is GSUSA's preferred method of receiving your Gold Award Final Report.
    • Complete your final report, which includes your Core Team Member Chart, budget, and timeline.
  • After all items are received, you will be contacted with information to schedule your Final Interview. The deadline for girls to submit a Gold Award Final Report. Final Interview is September 15th following their 12th grade year (after high school graduation).
Resources for Adults


Resources for Adults

Wondering about your role in a Girl Scout’s Gold Award experience? There’s a guide for that!

Gold Award Media Toolkit

Whether you've just embarked on your Gold Award journey or recently completed your project and earned the award, this toolkit is for you. You are doing so many impactful things to better your neighborhood and the world. This toolkit will help you share your story with friends, family, and the larger community. You've committed time, energy, and passion into your Gold Award Project, you deserve to show it off and get recognition for your hard work! 

The Gold Award Toolkit provides you with templates, resources, and tips to promote your project to local media, engage with community leaders, and share your story on social media. 

GSSOAZ can help elevate your Gold Award Project. Email with the subject line "My Gold Award Story" and we'll be in touch to help promote your work. 

Gold Award Toolkit 

Individual Resources

Social Media Toolkit

Girl Scout Pride Social Images

Become a Gold Award Influencer



Scholarship Opportunities

Explore universities/colleges, foundations, and Girl Scout councils that offer scholarships, awards, and grants for Girl Scouts.

Earning your Girl Scout Gold Award is an excellent way to give any college or scholarship application that “something extra” to help you stand out from the crowd. Begin exploring today!