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At Girl Scouts, the next opportunity to stand up, speak up, and take the lead is never far away. With us, she'll develop the confidence and skills she needs to create her own success—whatever that looks like to her!

Our proven, one-of-a-kind leadership development program, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, is the best in the world for encouraging girls' growth, and your help can make all the difference.

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Annual Membership
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Girl Membership: $25
Adult Membership: $25

Why Join Girl Scouts

At Girl Scouts, it’s our mission to provide you with fun, social, and unique opportunities so that you can do Girl Scouts the way you want. Along the way, you’ll see just how awesome you are at being yourself, being a leader, and making the world a better place!

You are a Girl Scout, which means you are ambitious, creative, willing to try new things, and eager to break the mold. Most importantly, you have the power to lead your own Girl Scout experience! Explore all the ways to participate to find what sparks your interest—and join today.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience

Backed by more than 106 years of experience, Girl Scouts continues to fuel the female leadership pipeline. Data shows that Girl Scout alumnae enjoy higher incomes, more rewarding careers, and are more active in their communities than their peers. Why? Our all-girl, girl-led environment creates a space where girls can try new things, develop a range of skills, take on leadership roles, and feel comfortable failing, dusting themselves off, and trying again.

All-Girl Environments

An all-girl experience is important to girl development. Research shows that single-gender environments provide more opportunities for girls to build confidence, a key component of leadership.

Individually Tailored Experiences

There are tons of ways to have fun and explore the world in Girl Scouts, like joining a troop, traveling the world, exploring the outdoors, and attending awesome events. Any girl in grades K–12 can join the fun!

The Result? A Lifetime of Leadership!

At Girl Scouts, “Can I?” quickly turns into “I will!” as girls transform their ideas into action, turn their questions into adventure, and grow their confidence through practice. In fact, being a Girl Scout helps girls thrive in five key ways. As a Girl Scout, she:

  • Develops a strong sense of self
  • Displays positive values
  • Seeks challenges and learns from setbacks
  • Forms and maintains healthy relationships
  • Learns to identify and solve problems in her community

With Girl Scouts, she’ll do more than she ever thought she could, dream bigger dreams than she ever imagined, and—oh, yeah—change the world. Bet you didn’t think rock climbing or selling cookies would help her do all that, did you?


How to Join Girl Scouts:

Our troops are volunteer-led. To find a troop with openings in your area, follow the 3 easy steps below. If you don’t find one that works for your girl and family, give us a call at 520-327-2288 and we can help! You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions section on our website. 

If you’re ready to start your own troop, visit How to Start a Troop.

Steps to Register a Girl

Use our online registration form for girls to get started! Select “Find a Troop” to start. 


Enter your zip code and grade in school to search our Opportunity Catalog to find a local Girl Scouting option that works for your family. Options that are available in your immediate zip code for your girl’s grade will be displayed. To find the best option, you may need to expand the zip code radius, or enter your girl’s school zip code instead.

  • If you’ve been given a troop number but can’t find it in the catalog, don’t worry! Give us a call so we can open the troop or get you signed up!
  • If you aren’t sure what troop to pick, you can always continue without a troop. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the troop options given and select “Apply to participate without a troop.” Our staff will work to place girls that selected this option into new or existing troops or give you a call. In order to begin this process, we do ask that girls are registered members, which involves paying the $25 membership fee.

If you select a troop, complete the joining process by purchasing a Girl Scouts of the USA membership for your girl. Annual membership is $25 and financial aid is always available for youth and adults. And don't forget to register yourself to lend a hand as a volunteer!

If you have any questions, please contact usWe are happy to provide you with additional information and walk you through the joining process.

Steps to Register as an Adult or Volunteer

All adults who join Girl Scouts will have the option to volunteer with us—before you begin, check out all the volunteer roles we have available to see what sparks your interest. Your gift of time—as a core volunteer or an occasional helper—helps girls grow into leaders!


Use our online registration form for adults to get started! Select Volunteer from the four options shown on screen.


You’ll be taken to our Volunteer Opportunity Catalog, where you choose how you’d like to participate in Girl Scouts. Volunteer roles in your immediate zip code will be displayed. To find the best option for you and your family, you may need to expand the zip code radius, or enter your girl’s school zip code instead.

  • If you’ve been given a troop number or a volunteer role but can’t find it in the catalog (or you aren’t sure what to pick), don’t worry! Give us a call at 520-327-2288 and we can open the troop or volunteer role for you. If not, continue signing up with the as a  “General Member”.
  • Interested in starting a new troop and being your girl’s troop leader? Select “Create a Troop” from the four options. You can learn more about starting your own troop in our How to Start a Troop guide.
  • Not ready to volunteer? Just continue registering without selecting a volunteer role by “Becoming a General Member.” You can contact us anytime after you join to add volunteerism to your Girl Scout experience.

Complete the registration process by adding your member details. Continue with cart review and accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Finish by purchasing a Girl Scouts of the USA membership. Annual membership is $25 and financial aid is available - just select that payment option. 

Finances should never be a burden for those wanting to get involved. GIrl Scouting is for everyone! Inquire about financial assistance if you and your family could benefit.


Complete a background check. When you volunteer, you’ll be working directly with youth, so this step is required. Follow-up emails will guide you through the steps and be certain to check your spam folders as well. (Need assistance? This video can help.)


After your volunteer background check has been processed you will be officially on-boarded (with training) as a new Girl Scout volunteer! Look for an email inviting you to begin by signing up for a troop leader orientation and other trainings to watch.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with additional information and walk you through the joining process.


Join an Existing Troop or Program

When you join Girl Scouts, you get options! From a traditional troop of your peers to going solo as a Juliette, you’re sure to find a place here.

Volunteer-Led Troops
  • If you're looking for more of the traditional experience, this option is for you! Your Girl Scout will be placed in a troop that fits their age level and interest. Background checked parents and caregivers typically volunteer to lead their Girl Scouts' troop!
Council-Led Clubs
  • Care to look to the stars, or trek the great outdoors with like-minded Girl Scouts? Be sure to check out our clubs! Girl Scout Staff will lead Girl Scouts in these seasonal events, usually meeting once a month or quarterly. Your Girl Scout doesn't have to participate in a troop to partake in these unique and fun experiences! Oftentimes, these clubs will work together to fulfill badges, or keep the social aspect of Girl Scouts going!
Juliettes (Individually Registered Members)
  • Juliettes are formerly known as Individually Registered Members.
  • Too busy for a troop? Don't want to be tied down to just one specialized activity? The Juliette path is for you! Think of this as a pick and choose your own adventure, where you can earn your badges, at your own pace! Jump around or specialize in one pillar. Attend council events and sell cookies! It's all up to you!


No matter how you choose to participate, with Girl Scouts you can:

Make new friends at  programs & events »
Explore your passions with  Girl Scout badges »
Make the world a better place with  Leadership Journeys »
Lead an impactful project while earning a  Highest Award »
Be bold and travel the world »
  Find your inner entrepreneur through the  Girl Scout Cookie Program »