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Social Impact Programs

The Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona's Social Justice Program is focused on opening the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, by providing girls with opportunities that promote self-reliance, respect for others, and a sense of belonging and leadership skills to last a lifetime.

We serve thousands of girls with free programming led by specially trained college-aged female leaders. Program activities focus on hands-on experiential learning surrounding topics such as: life skills development, service learning projects, self-esteem building, financial literacy, educational excursions, career exploration and building sisterhood.

We provide preventative strategies for success in school and life and empower girls to reach their full potential as girls of courage, character and confidence.


Adelante Jovencitas

"Girl Scouts has shown me that there is more to life that is happening in the present... Going to [AJ] meetings, I learned that even going through hard times, I can have a bright future." - Theresa, 15

Adelante Jovencitas (Spanish for "Young women moving forward") serves girls ages 13 through 17 who are involved or at risk of being involved in the Juvenile Justice System. Girls are given a "blank slate" and are not asked about prior/pending crimes thus allowing them to experience new things without a stigma attached. Programs are offered in three locations throughout the Tucson community to allow for easy access for girls and families. The community AJ program is also mirrored in Pima County Juvenile Detention, Yuma County Juvenile Detention and Santa Cruz County Juvenile Detention. The goal is to offer girls in detention a strong program to continue with upon their release.


Baby Camp

"I enjoyed coming to camp. It was interesting to learn all new and different things." Stella, 16

Baby Camp offers a three-day, two-night Girl Scout camp experience to pregnant and parenting teen moms. Alleviating the need to find childcare, participating teen moms are invited to bring one child with them while they are at camp. Volunteers work with children in a one-on-one setting while moms attend class. Baby Camp blends traditional camp experiences with mom and me activities and parenting education. The goal is give moms and expectant moms the tools to be positive parents and the support of a group of their peers.


Girl Scouts Beyond Bars

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars is a program that brings girls and their incarcerated mother together to build/preserve relationships, reduce the trauma mom and daughter suffer from the separation and foster leadership development in both mom and daughter. GSBB visits occur twice a month at Perryville Prison. During the meetings, mother and daughter side by side on various hands on projects including STEM, self-esteem, budgeting and goal setting.

Unlike traditional visitation, girls and moms are engaged in activities that encourage them to relate and work together without the stress of being watched constantly by a guard.

Read more about the Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program here.


Foster Care

"I come to [Girl Scout] group because it's fun, its great getting out of the room. I also get to do different activities with other girls that live here. I also really enjoy the Girl Scout staff that comes to lead our groups." Alycia, 17

GSSoAZ understands that foster care is a huge issue facing girls in our community. GSSoAZ supports girls in foster care by offering them free membership to Girl Scouts. No matter where they are or if they are moved in and out of foster homes, the girls can rely on Girl Scouts as a constant.

Girl Scout staff facilitates programming at various group homes in Pima County. The Foster Care program curriculum focuses on building relationships, life skills and communication.


School Programs

"I see [Naveah] taking risks to try in class. She used to be more defiant and angry in math but tries now." Diana, Tucson Educator

GSSoAZ offer after school troops at over ten schools in low-income and high-need communities. Girls experience traditional Girl Scout journeys, earn badges and develop self-esteem while creating a culture of sisterhood. 

Program Staff and volunteers facilitate program activities and serve as role models. 

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Join Us to Make a Difference!

Girl Scouting builds a community. By giving a voice to the under-represented and reaching out to those in need, girls bridge gaps, heal wounds, and create lasting connections. 

We can't do this alone. Your partnership with us on this mission to change the world one girl at a time is simple. Give your time to bring programming to our girls or make a financial contribution. Whatever you choose, you will be making a lasting impact.