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Staff-Supported Program

We believe every girl deserves access to the life-changing benefits of Girl Scouts!

As part of our mission, we aim to empower every girl—regardless of her race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, or geographic location—to make the world a better place.

To serve the needs of the diverse girls and families in Southern Arizona we offer various opportunities to take part in Girl Scouts through our staff-led programs. By working to eliminate barriers to participation, we’re striving to ensure that Girl Scouts is for every girl.

Adelante Jovencitas

Adelante Jovencitas (AJ) is designed to reduce recidivism and prevent incarceration by focusing on the unique needs of girls impacted by or at risk for involvement with the juvenile justice system. Meetings take place throughout the community and at regional detention centers. 

AJ places a special emphasis on empowering girls to engage in positive pursuits and explore critical life skills, including career exploration, healthy relationships, self-care techniques, and media literacy. Girls learn from program staff and facilitators - including university professors, law enforcement, and women in STEM fields - who bring unique perspectives and offer mentorship to girls on pursuing career and educational paths. AJ's positive and stigma-free environment gives girls the opportunity to explore new interests and skills without fear of judgement, focusing on their strengths and looking forward to their futures. 

"Girl Scouts has shown me that there is more to life that is happening in the present... Going to [AJ] meetings, I learned that even going through hard times, I can have a bright future." - Theresa, 15

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB)

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB) brings girls and their incarcerated mothers together to build and preserve relationships, reduce trauma, and foster leadership development in both girls and their mothers. Through GSBB we provide regular, supervised visits and interaction between girls and their mothers who are incarcerated in the Perryville Complex in Goodyear, AZ. One of our most successful programs, GSBB enhances the parent-child bond while instilling increased self-esteem and self-worth in both parent and child.

Twice a month, our trained staff bring girls to Perryville Prison to visit their mothers and work side-by-side on Girl Scouts facilitated projects. During these meetings, girls and their mothers engage in Girl Scouts activities in topics such as: STEM, interpersonal life skills, goal-setting and challenge seeking, and much more. Unlike traditional visitation, girls and their mothers develop practical skills while working together in a classroom-like setting as a more engaging way to relate to one another and work toward a common goal. GSBB is effective because it is so much more than visitation, offering wider opportunities for girls and their mothers to participate in leadership development opportunities that will benefit them for life.

Foster Care

To address the stress, uncertainty, and loss that many girls living in foster or kinship care face, we provide a consistent, holistic program environment where girls living in out-of-home placement can discover their passions, values, and talents; take positive risks and overcome challenges; learn to make healthy decisions that can help them avoid risky behaviors; forge positive, sustaining relationships; and develop skills that prepare them for entering the workforce or higher education. By bolstering these skills, girls develop tools for self-sufficiency while building a positive sense of self and lasting relationships, and are better prepared to age out of the foster care system and transition to life on their own. 


"I come to [Girl Scout] group because it's fun, its great getting out of the room. I also get to do different activities with other girls that live here. I also really enjoy the Girl Scout staff that comes to lead our groups." Alycia, 17

School Programs

Our school-based programs provide an accessible entryway to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for girls and their families who may otherwise perceive our programs as unavailable, due to social or economic barriers. Offering programs directly at girls’ schools allows us to meet girls where they are with consistent, reliable program opportunities in a safe and familiar location. These programs focus on engaging girls as active members in their own communities, highlighting civic engagement and advocacy as essential to building an equitable world. Our curriculum also places special emphasis on robust financial literacy education as key to personal success, and provides an opportunity for girls to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program—the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world.


"I see [Naveah] taking risks to try in class. She used to be more defiant and angry in math but tries now." Diana, Tucson Educator


Join Us to Make a Difference!

We can't do this alone. Your partnership with us on this mission to change the world one girl at a time is simple. Give your time to bring programming to our girls or make a financial contribution. Whatever you choose, you will be making a lasting impact.