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Fall Product Program

Welcome to the Fall Sale!

This year's Fall Product Program will run October 1st - 29th, 2021.

Everyone knows we sell cookies in the winter but did you know we also sell nuts, chocolates, and magazines in the fall? Our Fall Product Program helps new troops to earn startup money and continuing troops to supporting spectacular girl adventures, without having to wait for cookie season.

And…it’s super simple! Whether you are getting involved in your first Product Program or saving for a big trip, this 100% online program is a wow-worthy learning and earning opportunity, and every dime earned stays in our council. Below you will find all you need to get started, including essential resources and ideas to help achieve your goals.

Important Dates

 September 24 - Registered volunteers receive emails to access the site

 October 1 - Registered girls and their families start setting up girls' personal M2 sites for sales. 

October 1 - Sale begins

 October 29 - Last day of sale!

 November 17-19 - Product delivery and troop pick-up begins

December 1-3 - Recognition items distributed

Early December - Troop proceeds distributed




For every Care to Share donation a girl collects, she will receive one entry to win our giant “Penny the Penguin” plush.  One random winner will be picked on or about November 2, 2021.

Additionally, join your troop and jump into your M2 to create a fun character of yourself using an endless array of personalizing options. Once you've had a chance to create your avatar troop, share your creation below or tag us on Facebook or Instagram and share your troop's goals for the fall product season! You can also share them directly as you see it in your M2 account, or have your girls share the avatars with you and make a fun group avatar photo as we did. We can't wait to see your troop's avatars!! Create your troop avatars and share them with us for your chance at winning!

10 total troops will receive 2 cookie booth kits complete with a folding table, linen table cloth, and a troop banner! 

Meet Our Vendors
ashdon farms

Need help regarding an order? Contact a friendly customer service representative at M2 at (800)-372-8520,

Explore Our Products

The Fall Product Program offers a variety of nuts, chocolates, commemorative tins, magazines, and more!

Fall Product 2021 Product
How It Works

The Fall Product Program is 100% digital, and with the support of the M2OS system it's easier than ever for girls to fundraise for their troops while learning how to utilize technology as a tool. 

Girls just need to register online, create an avatar, and enter email addresses of friends and family. With just a few clicks of your keyboard, you can reach all your customers, making you an online entrepreneur! It is mobile-optimized, so you can create your Avatar, send emails, etc., on your tablet or smartphone.

After you register and customize your own online sales page, you can send emails inviting family and friends to support your troop by purchasing a variety of products, such as nuts, chocolates, and magazines.

New this year, create a QR Code directly to your personal store, print it out, and add it to your product card to be able to collect orders in person.

With M2, you can:


Manage your online store at your virtual office


Build your own avatar, with a cool new feature this year!


Earn a patch of your customized avatar! 


Empower your customers, as they purchase products from your online store, to choose between in-person delivery or shipping

Training & Materials

No training is required for the Fall Product Program.  Read the appropriate guide below and then reach out to your Product Program Team with any remaining questions.

Patches & Rewards

Troops can earn startup funds to use all year long for uniforms and supplies, and to fund their activities and community projects. Girls also earn fun patches and rewards along the way. 

In addition to girl rewards, troops will receive 20% in proceeds of total sales brought in throughout the duration of the sale.

Last but not least, girls have the option to be the difference and take action this fall!

Fall Product 2021 Patches and Rewards

Rewards are cumulative for all nuts, chocolates, and magazines sold.

  • Rise Up patch: Send 20+ emails
  • 2021 patch: $100+ in total sales
  • Theme necklace: $150+ in total sales
  • Iceberg patch: $175+ in total sales
  • Choice of penguin pen OR GSSOAZ sunglasses: $200+ in total sales
  • Choice of small penguin plush OR GSSOAZ fingerless gloves: $275+ in total sales
  • Choice of GSSOAZ beanie OR tie-dye kit: $375+ in total sales
  • Slushie machine: $500+ in total sales
  • Tucson Roadrunners hockey game and special event: $650+ in total sales
  • Gift card for ice skates, roller blades OR roller skates: $800+ total sales

Earn these two special patches with your name and avatar!

  • Fall personalized patch: create your avatar, send 20+ emails, sell $225+ in total sales
  • Girl Scout cookie crossover personalized patch: create your avatar in the M2 system, send 20+ emails during the Fall Product Program, sell 280+ packages of cookies during the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program, Rise Up and earn the Crossover Event

Volunteer Rewards

  • Personalized patch: $150 total sales & PGEB
  • Tote bag: $350 troop PGA & PGEB

Patches and rewards will be distributed to troops in December (except the personalized patch to be mailed directly to girls).

Ready to get started? Click here!


Interested, and need more info?  Contact the Product Program Team at