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Camp Whispering Pines


It is with a heavy but yet very grateful heart that I type this email and share an update about Camp Whispering Pines. Let me start with NO structures have been lost. The men and women battling the Bighorn Fire which has now consumed over 119,000 acres did an incredible job.

In order to keep the camp and all the buildings safe they had to create a protective line around the property, and do what is called a back burn. Some of this protective burn included areas very near and inside of the camp boundaries. We do have damage to elements of the Low Ropes Course, the trail from the Performance Center to Faraway and general ground vegetation to name a few. The main area of camp from the parking lot to Echo Point Troop House, Down Yonder, Angle Cabin,  Lodge and the Art Shack are all untouched and the vegetation is happy and healthy.

As we look to the future it will take time to clean up damaged areas and re-growth physically, emotionally and programmatically will be an ongoing process. Camp Whispering Pines holds many traditions, memories and a special place in our hearts. At this time we do not have a return to use date, both COVID-19 and the aftermath of the Bighorn Fire present challenges. When it is safe to visit and use our camp property you will be the first to know. We are grateful for all the dedicated men and women both on the frontlines and those supporting the logistics who worked tirelessly to save our beloved Santa Catalina Mountain. #GirlScoutStrong

On My Honor,

MacGyver Tank