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Stronger Together

Diversity Resources

The Girl Scout Law is what every Girl Scout—girl and adult—is called to live by. Within this law, we pledge to be considerate and caring, responsible for what we say and do, respect others, make the world a better place, and most importantly, to be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Our work is ongoing and will continue to be a priority of this organization because it is the right thing. In this effort, we are looking to better represent and uplift every Girl Scout, every background, every celebration, and community's culture, to the best of our abilities.

As we continue to strive to live by the Girl Scout Law and our own council's work in DEIA-RJ (diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and racial justice) work, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona is stronger together!

Diversity Calendar

Join us the mission of being a sister to every Girl Scout by visiting our very own Diversity Calendar, and using it as a tool to better supplement your troop meetings, events and gatherings.

Here, you can toggle through each month with key holidays and dates including those that are historical, notable, religious and commemorative. This calendar also includes within the Education tools (graduation cap, top right of page) inclusion tips, as well as dietary considerations and recipes, to ensure that every Girl Scout is included and respected.

Youth Suicide Prevention, Protection and Advocacy

Suicide is never easy to talk about. Unfortunately, it is ever prevelant in the lives of the youth of today. Resources and trainings are provided below. If you, or a youth is at risk, seek help immediately by calling the National Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or 988 (shortcut effective 7/16/22).

  • For middle and high school age youth (ages 12-18), suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death. (2020 CDC WISQARS)
  • For college age youth (ages 18-22), suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death. (2020 CDC WISQARS)
  • Over-all, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for our youth ages 10-24. (2020 CDC WISQARS)

Here are the Facts & Stats from The Jason Foudnation:

  • In ages 10 – 14, we have seen an alarming increase in suicides.  The number of suicides for this group has more than doubled since 2006, making it the second leading cause of death for that age group.
  • More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED.
  • Each day in our nation, there are an average of over 3,703 attempts by young people grades 9-12.  If these percentages are additionally applied to grades 7 & 8, the numbers would be higher.
  • Four out of Five individuals considering suicide give some sign of their intentions, either verbally or behaviorally.

Youth Suicide Prevention

Youth Advocacy and Protection

I am a Girl Scout! Patch Program

We’re stronger together and by acknowledging the diversity, heritage, and contributions of our multicultural communities, Girl Scouts can find new ways to make the world a better place for everyone.

Girl Scouts of all levels, their friends, and leaders have plenty of activities to choose from to earn each segment of these fun patches. You can participate in all the community celebration fun patches or select a few. Through the "I am a Girl Scout! Patch Program, you’ll discover interesting new things about your neighbors—and yourself.

Mental Wellness

The challenges of today’s world don’t only affect grownups. Young people—especially girls—are facing a mental health crisis of their own. Supporting them as they grow and face life’s complexities is a top priority.

Girl Scouts plus their families, caregivers, and volunteers now have access to these mental wellness resources from Girl Scouts of the USA and trusted partners. From new activities to trainings, you’ll find what you need to get started.

Want to learn more about girls’ mental wellbeing but not sure where to start? These trainings and resources from our mental health partners will give you the tools you need to begin your journey.

Raise a Happy Girl Scout

Read more here.

Pride Month

The Girl Scout Law is what every Girl Scout is called to live by. Within this law, we pledge to be considerate and caring, responsible for what we say and do, to respect ourselves and others, to make the world a better place, and most importantly, to be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Girl Scouts of Sourthern Arizona celebrates our beautiful diversity in love and honoring of one another!

Wondering what to do or where to start the conversation?

National Resources

Local Resources

Sister Council Resources

For Families

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