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Recruiting Girls and Volunteers

It’s never too early to start spreading the word about your new Girl Scout troop. Even while you wait to complete your onboarding, you can talk to your girl’s friends, your neighbors, and other families in the community or at school to make sure that your girl will have a lively troop. As a bonus, more girls usually means more adults who will be happy to help you lead!

In addition to your word of mouth efforts, our Membership team will support you with recruiting girls and volunteers, and provide customized resources to help you spread the word. Your goal should be to recruit 6 girls and at least 1 additional adult volunteer (who isn't related to you)—and we'll support you every step of the way.

Recruitment Resources

Customizable Recruitment Tools


Troop Invite Slip - A customizable slip to invite prospective girls and share troop information.


Join My Troop Fillable Flyer - A customizable flyer to let everyone know what makes your troop special.


Join My Troop Facebook Cover Image - Update your Facebook Cover Photo to let your friends know your troop has open spots available.


Join My Troop Facebook Post Image - Use this image on Facebook as your profile picture or to post about your troop.


Instructions: Girl & Adult Registration Steps - A customizable instruction sheet to let interested parents and girls know how to register and join your troop.

Troop Volunteer Roles

A troop needs at least two unrelated adults to get started, but troops can have more than two leaders, and they typically have additional volunteers to help with the Cookie Program and Fall Product Program, managing finances, as well as other adults to pitch in with planning field trips and chaperoning activities.

We recommend that you identity your Troop Treasurer and Troop Cookie Manager as early as possible so that you can lean on their support as the year goes on! It's also a great idea to get the rest of your families to register as Troop Support Volunteers so that they can get background checked and provide support by driving girls or attenting troop events.

Troop Co-Leader(s)

The Troop Co-Leader supports the troop leadership team in guiding girls in growing life and leadership skills though teamwork and exciting activities. 

Troop leaders and co-leaders coordinate and organize meeting activities, communicate with parents and families, and engage girls to create memories that will last a lifetime. They work together to share responsibility and leadership for the meeting activities and other troop needs.

Troop Product Manager

Troop Product Managers help foster entrepreneurship, business ethics, money management, and people skills in your troop by supporting the troop's cookie and fall product program. They'll support by coordinating family orders, distributing and maintaining inventory, reserving booth locations, and keeping the focus where it belongs: on the girls!

Plus, all the money your troop earns through the cookie program stays with your troop to fund activities and events all year long. Whether it’s a trip she’ll never forget, a service project that will change her community forever, or the opportunity to build a lifetime of memories at camp, Girl Scout Cookies help make it happen!

Troop Treasurer

The Troop Treasurer is a vital part of any Girl Scout troop and helps make all the troop's activities possible by managing the troop funds and bank account. Trustworthy and reliable, this volunteer works with the girls and troop leader to help develop a budget, make sure dues and payments are collected at meetings, manages the troop checking account, and shares the troop balance with girls and parents (all the while helping girls to learn important financial literacy and money management skills).

Troop Support Volunteer

Troop Support Volunteers are role models, mentors, and vital members of a happy, successful troop. They coordinate field trips, chaperone cookie booths, organize and attend camping trips, or share their unique talents with the girls as the troop earns badges related to their expertise—the opportunities are endless!

While each troop has its own way of creating an action-packed Girl Scout experience, girls always get more out of their time in Girl Scouts when volunteers are there to help. Being a Troop Support Volunteer is a great opportunity to make a meaningful impact for girls and the commitment and volunteer roles are flexible and depend on the troop’s needs.


Got questions?

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