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Resident Camp: Week Four


Sun Jul 08, 4:00 PM - Fri Jul 13, 2:00 PM
Camp Whispering Pines Map

Girls ages 7-17 are welcome to participate in Resident Camp. Camps run Sunday through Friday.

Jurassic Camp Discover a long lost world of dinosaurs hidden among the pines. Create your own fossils, geocache for dino eggs, and invent a new species of dinosaur while enjoying traditional aspects of camp life. It’s an adventure 65 million years in the making! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. ($355, ages 7-9) 

Iron Chef Learn how to create delicious dinners and delectable desserts in a weeklong culinary whirlwind! Start off the week by learning all about kitchen safety and cooking techniques. Participate in a cook off challenge, make a meal outdoors, and enjoy other traditional camp activities like archery and singing. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. ($355, ages 9-11)

Project Runway Make your own unique funky designs during this week of crafts and fashion! You will design your own outfits, sew and upcycle clothing, and participate in a camp fashion show. When you aren't unleashing your inner fashionista, you will participate in fun camp activities like cookout and archery. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. ($355, ages 9-11)

Zombie Survival Get ready for the zombie apocalypse, camp-style! Sharpen your survival skills and outdoor knowledge by making survival kits, compete in a unique zombie archery range, and learn how to cook in the great outdoors. Also experience classic camp activities like the low ropes course and crafts. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. ($355, ages 12-14) 

YOYO (You're On Your Own)! Work together with your fellow campers to plan a jam-packed week of camp fun! Decide if you’d like a week full of adventure or a more relaxing week in the summer sun. You can plan your own performances, camping adventures, or do crafts galore! This week is ALL up to you! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. ($355, ages 13+)