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Participation Opportunities 

This page will serve as a resource to all Volunteers and Girls participating in the cookie sale. Below you will find resources for selling and marketing virtually and with safe social distancing measures. 

Contact-less Delivery

Digital Order Card opens 2 weeks ahead of the sale. Don't forget to use great marketing to let your customers know.

Sample Social Media Post:

"We have Porch Power! Girls can deliver tasty Girl Scout Cookies® right to your doorstep. Just ask me how!"


Safe Boothing

All Girl Scouts will be responsible for PPE and social distancing criteria included but not limited to:

  • Face masks covering nose and mouth at all times.
  • No more than 5 representatives at each time across all entrances, maintaining social distance at all times (inclusive of adults and troop members)
  • Wear gloves (latex or nitrile type)
  • Barriers between girls and  
  • Table to ensure social distancing
  • Encourage cashless transactions
  • Hand Sanitizer available at each table (provided by troop)

Door Hangers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Marketing & Social Media
For Families

Cookie time is family time! Cookie Season is an exciting time for the whole family. Here are some tips for getting the whole family involved:

  • Have a Girl Scout cookie craft night and work on some fun girl activities. A younger brother or sister may also want to get in on the fun.
  • Siblings and friends might form a “brigade” to bring in the cookies from the car. Oh, what they’ll do for a Girl Scout cookie!
  • Your family may post a goal tracker in a central place so everyone can see how sales are stacking up. Praise her often!
  • Grandparents and extended family may spread the word it’s Cookie Season to their friends, expanding her immediate circle of contacts.
  • She might set up a cookie booth in the front yard and invite family to help.
  • Plan to celebrate when she reaches her goals – it’s an important last step in learning the rewards of goal-setting.
  • When she brings home the patches that she earned while selling cookies, help her iron them on her uniform following these Iron-on Instructions
Cookie Coaching

Just like the first time she threw a ball, your Girl Scout will need some coaching to learn new skills and achieve success. But let her take the lead. Good coaching is encouragement and guidance. Never do anything for your Girl Scout that she can do for herself.

If she says: Here’s the order card. Will you just write a check?

Consider saying: How exciting! This will be like running your very own business. What goals are you trying to reach? I’ll support you in finding lots of customers.

If she says: I don’t know anyone who wants to buy cookies.

Consider saying: Many businesses sell to people they don’t know. Let’s brainstorm some ideas for cookie customers.

If she says: I don’t want to ask people to buy cookies. Will you do it?

Consider saying: The more you do it, the easier it gets. Let’s practice. Pretend like I’m a customer. Tell me about your goals and ask me to buy cookies.

If she says: Will you sell cookies at work for me?

Consider saying: Let’s make a poster that tells everyone about your goals. Then, you can deliver the cookies personally.


Always follow the safety rules for selling Girl Scout Cookies®, listed on this page and in your Family Guide. Since you may want to keep this list on hand during cookie season, we’ve formatted the rules in a PDF document.

  1. Show you’re a Girl Scout – Wear a Girl Scout membership pin, uniform, or Girl Scout clothing (e.g., a Girl Scout T-Shirt) to clearly identify yourself as a Girl Scout.
  2. Use the Buddy System – Always use the buddy system. It’s not just safe, it’s fun.
  3. Be streetwise – Become familiar with the areas and neighborhoods where you will be selling Girl Scout products. Contact your local police department if you’re unsure about an area or neighborhood.
  4. Partner with adults – If you are a Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie or Junior, you must be accompanied by an adult when taking orders or selling/delivering product. If you are a Girl Scout Cadette, Senior or Ambassador, you must “buddy up” when selling door to door. Adults must be present at all time during cookie booth sales.
  5. Plan ahead – Be prepared for emergencies, and always have a plan for safeguarding money.
  6. Do not enter – Never enter the home or vehicle of a person when you are selling or making deliveries. Avoid selling to people in vehicles (except at designated drive-thru cookie booths) or going into alleys.
  7. Sell in the daytime – Sell only during daylight hours, unless accompanied by an adult.
  8. Protect privacy – Never give your name, home address or email address to customers. Protect customer privacy by not sharing their information, except as necessary for the product sale.
  9. Be safe on the road – Always follow safe pedestrian practices, especially when crossing at intersections or walking along roadways. Be aware of traffic when unloading product and passengers from vehicles.
  10. Be web wise – In order to participate in any online activities, you must have your parent’s/guardian’s permission, and you must read and agree to the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge before conducting any online activities. Additionally, in order to participate in Digital Cookie™, you must read and abide by the Girl Scout Digital Cookie Pledge, and parents/guardians must read and abide by the Digital Cookie Terms and Conditions for Parents/Guardians.