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Helping Hands

Booth Support

Adults who wish to lend an extra set of hands to their Girl Scout's troop during the Cookie Season are welcome to do so by providing cookie booth support.

Booth Supporters CANNOT attend overnight trips with the troop, drive Girl Scouts other than their own child, count towards the Girl to Adult Safety Ratio, or handle troop funds. However, they may serve as the second adult at a cookie booth during the three-month period of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

If you are interested in fulfilling all aspects of a troop support role with your girl's troop, we recommend you become a Troop Support Volunteer

To serve as a Booth Supporter only, please complete the following steps:

  • Read and sign the Booth Support Policies, to confirm you understand the obligations and limitations of the role. (This is signed electronically, at the link.)
  • Submit a Background Check Request, which will trigger an official background check form from our background check vendor, ASURINT. Your background check must be renewed annually when you return for future cookie seasons. 
  • Read and sign the Caregiver Code of Conduct(This is signed electronically, at the link.)
  • We recommend but do not require that you complete Girl Scouting 101a 45-minute, self-paced online introduction to Girl Scouting today. 

Questions? Contact Ali Jeffords at for more information.