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Fall Product 2018

Fall Program Resources

Welcome to the 2018 Fall Product Program Resources page! Troops can earn start-up funds to use all year long for uniforms and supplies, and to fund their activities and community projects. Girls also earn fun patches and rewards along the way. 

Important Dates

October 2, 2018 - Sale begins


October 29, 2018  - Sale ends


November 14, 2018  - Fall product distribution

Patches & Rewards

Not only does the Fall Program help troops earn startup funds for the new Girl Scout year, girls also earn fun patches along the way!

Rewards are cumulative for all nuts, chocolates, and magazines sold.

  • Online patch - send 15 emails
  • 2018-2019 patch -  send 25 emails
  • Take the Lead! patch - sell $75 in product
  • Speak Up! patch - sell $125 in product
  • Personalized MyPatchCreation™ patch - sell $175 in product
  • Goal Achiever patch - sell $225 in product
  • Large Labrador Plush - sell $275 in product
  • Personalized T-Shirt - sell $375 in product

Patches will be distributed to troops in November (except the personalized MyPatchCreation™ patch and T-shirt, which will be mailed directly to girls).

Training & Materials

Be sure to attend your monthly area team meeting to stay up-to-date. An overview of the Fall Program will be held at your September area meeting.


Get Started!

The Fall Product Program all takes place online, so getting started is easy!

Go to

Register to sell nuts, chocolate, magazines and more online, and receive your personalized link to get started.

Write down your Online ID #

You will receive your Online ID # when you register. Be sure to write it down or save it somewhere safe so you can easily share it with others interested in supporting your troop.

Webpage, Emails & Text Messages

Create your own web page, and send emails and text messages to your friends and family, asking them to support you and your troop! Share on social media to help reach your goals faster.


Meet Our Vendors

Ashdon Farms

Ashdon Farms has worked with Girl Scouts since 1996. The Association of International Bakers has consistently rated Ashdon Farms as "Superior," their highest possible rating. 


QSP has worked with Girl Scouts for 45 years. The largest fundraising company in North America, they're driving innovation in Girl Scouts' Fall Sale program. 

Vendor Information

UNIFY : Online ordering system for girls, families and troop fall managers
Product Information: nutritional, kosher, and allergen information

UNIFY Customer Service
(8:00am - 5:00pm CST)

Having trouble? Here are some of the issues UNIFY's Customer Service team can help you with:

  • Login/password assistance
  • Technical assistance with site navigation anf functions
    • Troops: Reports
    • Families: Emails, photo upload and reports
  • Consumer questions regarding shipped orders and magazine subscriptions
  • Product concerns/questions and product information (e.g. nutritional, gluten and kosher information)
  • Status of MyPatchCreationTM


Explore Our Products

Here's a sneak peek at some of Fall Product Program items!

Nuts and Chocolates

Mint Treasures
Creamy milk chocolate with a refreshing mint-filled center.


Caramel Treasures
Creamy caramel centers covered in smooth milk chocolate.


Salt and Pepper Cashews
Cashew halves with a classic salt and pepper seasoning. 

Peanut Butter Bears
Milk chocolate bears with a smooth peanut butter filling.

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels
A crunchy pretzel covered in smooth dark chocolate.

Butter Toasted Peanuts
Lightly roasted peanuts with a buttery flavor.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Caps with Sea Salt
Dark chocolate covered caramel topped with sea salt.

English Butter Toffee
Crunchy handcrafted toffee drenched in milk chocolate.

Hot Cajun Crunch Mix
Cajun corn sticks, seasoned peanuts, pretzels and sesame sticks.

Decorative Tins & Tumblers

Polar Pals Holiday Tin

Girl Scout Vintage Camera Tin

Tervis and Stainless Steel Tumbler - My Kids Have Paws

Tervis and Stainless Steel Tumbler - Butterly


Homemade Gingerbread Candle

Gourmet Sugar Cookie Candle

Orange Cinnamon Clove Candle


People Magazine

Cooking Light Magazine

Kids Sports Illustrated Magazine

Organic Veggies

Organic Grow Kit - Cucumbers

Organic Grow Kit - Sunflowers

Organic Grow Kit - Tomatoes 


Interested, and need more info?  Contact Kristin Wakefield at 520-319-3171 or Kaylie Leslie Larson at 520-319-3175.