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Southern Arizona Leadership on Participation in Inauguration


We as the leaders of Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona have found ourselves and our movement center stage in the dialogue regarding who should and should not participate in the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. This has spurred conversation across news and social media channels and we want to share our position with you. First and foremost we stand for girls and our girls’ right to choose how they participate in our Democracy. We encourage girls to stand for what they believe in, to advocate for themselves and others, and take action in their communities.  Girl Scouts in the Washington DC Council volunteered to participate in the 2017 Presidential Inauguration just as Girl Scouts have done for the past 100 years. Troops in DC made their decision in March 2016, long before the election was decided. They did not volunteer to participate based on politics or party; they volunteered to be a part of history and the long-honored peaceful transition of power in our Country.  We support them in their decision; just as we support girls who choose to participate in the Women’s March on Saturday.  We also support girls who choose not to participate at all. 

You see, in our role as leaders we are true to the inclusiveness that our movement professes. There is a place for every girl in Girl Scouting. Girl Scouting allows girls to find their voice and use it. As their leaders and role models we encourage each one of our girls to do just that. It is not our role to take sides or pontificate how and when they should participate in our democracy. It is our job to hold them up as they make their own choices.  It’s our opportunity to give girls a safe space to voice their opinions and concerns throughout the year.  Surely among our 1.9 million girl members, there are Congresswomen, Senators and perhaps a President in the making.

We as women are committed to work with our girls to make the world a better place and we begin by embracing all of their diverse voices and perspectives.

On My Honor,

Debbie Sisco Rich, CEO and Cheryl Horvath, Board Chair
Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona