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Visiting the Birthplace of Girl Scouts


When we arrived at the Tucson airport, I was jumping out of my skin with excitement. I was very excited to go on an airplane even though it wasn’t my first time. My first time I was a baby so this was like a first time experience for me. I got a set of wings from the airline attendant which I wore probably on my uniform.

Day 1: We loaded up with water and had some free time so we walked all over Savannah until it was time to meet up with my Girl Scout sisters from Louisiana, Wisconsin and New York. We were put into teams and we were teamed up with New York. We participated in a Girl Scout scavenger hunt and came in first place while we earned the Discover Savannah Patch! After that we were exhausted but went back to the hotel to have a pizza party. It was a lot of fun getting to know all the other girls. We went swimming and played Marco polo! Having had this free time in the morning really allowed us to get to know Savannah really well. We had ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream which is a pretty famous ice cream shop since 1919. I got a patch from there. We also met some Savannah fire fighters who took a picture with me and Juliette. We gave them a box of Girl Scout cookies. We even stopped for lunch at the Lady and Sons which is Paul Dean’s restaurant. I was able to get a patch from the restaurant too.

Day 2: in the morning during breakfast we had an exciting visit from Forest Gump. It was fun to interact with him. I gave him the Juliette doll and we took their picture. After breakfast we went to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. We went into the garden and had a ceremony where each of the girls received the birthplace pin. It was a nice ceremony. There were four parts and we got one girl from each of the states to say a part. We toured the house, it was big and beautiful. Our guide put us into groups and we each put together a small skit based on some part of her life. The one I was involved with had to do with her sewing and a boy’s outfit which fell apart while he was running. They were all funny. I saw the bed where Juliette was born and also went into her room. Everything was very fancy and we couldn’t touch a thing until we came to the library. That was fun with all the hands on activities. Later we went into an arts and crafts room where we saw a presentation about women who were famous and how girls can do anything. We each made a picture about girls and used the # to title it. Mine was #girlsareshiningstars. A lot of the girls came up with great ideas and we shared them all. I got a birthplace patch there. We had free time again and ate at a really great Italian place. We then met the group to tour the Ships of the Sea Museum. We learned about women who were pirates but no one knew they were women; we made necklaces and toured the museum. There we saw a replica of the Titanic and also a ship named after Juliette Gordon low. We all got a Women Pirates of the High Seas patch. It is cool.  After the museum, we got on a trolley and went to dinner at the Pirate’s House. It was a fun place to eat, they have a huge gift shop where I got a patch from the Pirate’s House. Dinner was really good. We got on the trolley again and went on a Ghostly Nights Trolley Tour. It was fun and scary at the same time. We got a patch for this too.

Day 3: This day we boarded a large bus and went to Tybee Island where we participated in the Girl Scout Militia Program at Old Fort Jackson. We had a tour and many of the girls helped to fire a canon. I was one of them. It was fun! We got a patch for this too! This same day we drove to an area where we got on a dolphin cruise which was so much fun! And guess what, we saw a lot of dolphins! We saw some interesting light houses and also got a patch for this adventure too. We had free time again after and ended up eating lunch at a great little restaurant near the beach with great seafood. We met up with the group again and headed to the Marine Science Center where our science center tour guide took us down to the pier (under the pier). We took our shoes off and walked along the beach learning about sea life. It was very cool and the best part was the water was warm and I collected a lot of sea shells. I even wrote my name in the sand. We also dug holes and used a colander to see what we could dig up. Inside the Marine Science Center I go to touch a coral snake and I saw some frogs. We earned the Coastal Georgia Badge on this exciting adventure! We ended day 3 with dinner at the Crab Shack which was a pretty funky place but had a lot of interesting things to see and I even fed some crocodiles.

Day 4:  On our last day, we visited the Girl Scout Headquarters and Andrew Low House. We were not allowed to take any pictures in either one. The museum was great and learned all about Juliette and some of the funny things she did like drive into people’s houses while they were eating dinner. We also learned about the first Girl Scout uniforms and how they were blue and water proof. Inside the Andrew Low House it was very fancy and we saw the bed where Juliette died wearing her uniform. It was an awesome adventure. I really enjoyed collecting so many patches and earning my two badges on this trip. I made new friends, especially Summer from Louisiana and Misty from Arizona and our EF tour guide Joe, but best of all, it was a Girl Scout adventure I will never forget!

Camilla Molina, Junior Scout Troop 136  

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