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Outdoor Update from Cosmos


Need something to do over Rodeo Break? Are you super excited for camp this summer? Are you super stoked on the new Star Wars movie, and are looking forward to Jedi Jamboree this April? Do you wish you had the skills and knowledge to use in the out of doors? Do you want to minimize human impact on beautiful places? If you said yes to any of these questions, and have some of your own, you are totally ready for the Leave No Trace Experience.

Did you know that the car company, Subaru, has partnered with Leave No Trace to spread the knowledge of the training duo, Jenna and Sam, across the country and provide activities to people of all ages throughout the year?  On Thursday, February 25th from 2p-4p at the GS Hacienda, you have the opportunity to become a leader and advocate for our long-time Girl Scout, Mother Nature. We can find ways to be Girl Scout superstars and make the world a better place by keeping it cleaner than we found it, and preserving it for many years to come. Those of all ages and genders are welcome to attend this FREE event. Register here! 

Check out their super cool blog to keep up with all of the cool ways LNT gets involved in the community around you! 


Outdoor love from Cosmos!


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