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By Amber Jacoby, Memory Beads Facilitator

Girl Scouts who share their courage, confidence, and character to those who are grieving makes the world a better place.

The partnership between Girls Scouts of Southern AZ and TuNidito through the Memory Beads Patch builds a future assuring no child will have to grieve alone.  

When confident girls have the courage and training to recognize when someone is struggling with grief they can make a significant difference in the course of that person’s life.

Imagine a young person feeling lost in their feelings of grief. Feeling isolated and afraid, maybe shutting down or lashing out because they are misunderstood, being ignored or tragically being bullied simply because someone in their life has died. Unfortunately this occurs every day in schools and social groups around the world.

Now, image someone reaching out to that person instead of turning away because they don’t know what to do or say. Someone, who is just like them offering comfort, hope and a willingness to sit with them in their grief; accepting them just as they are.  Someone simply offering a little time to hold their hand and to quietly listen.  It would make a world of difference to that grieving person.

This grieving person is still the same person they have always been.  They are now just trying to come to terms with the new reality of their life. This takes a little time. The act of this kindness and modeling this behavior to other children also creates a community of comfort, hope and support for all grieving children worldwide. Not to mention the benefits of filling the world with acceptance and goodness.

Even for adults, being with someone who has lost a loved one can make us feel uncomfortable. Often, we cannot relate to the pain or we simply don't know what to say. Therefore, we leave the person who is grieving feeling worse and even more isolated. Sometimes when we try to offer words of condolence it still comes off as not enough or we question if we said the right thing. What if we had been given the tools as a young girl to feel comfortable approaching someone who is grieving? To have the confidence to reach out when it is not the easiest thing to do would be an amazing gift. Instead of leaving someone feeling ostracized for being different (grieving) we would leave them feeling comforted and cared for in such a difficult time. Yielding a quiet superpower that we share with the world would make a huge difference indeed.

We all will eventually experience the pain of losing a friend, family member, partner or pet in our lifetime. I say, with the right tools and a little compassion we can change how grief feels, how grief is processed and how grief is perceived in the world. What do you say?

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