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Girl Scout Troop Reunion

Troop Reunion

As happens so often in Girl Scouting, the members of our troop became best friends. Some of us started together as Brownies, some of us met as Juniors when our different elementary schools fed into the same middle school.  But however and whenever we came together, we were tight. We remained a troop through high school and earned our Silver Awards and Gold Awards together.

We camped together, put on puppet shows together and spent two weeks together in San Francisco after we graduated from high school.  After that, we went our separate ways for college and jobs.  We remained in touch, of course, but most of our daily lives were no longer linked. So when we decided to gather at Marriott Starr Pass to celebrate our 50th birthdays this summer, we knew we¹d have fun based on our shared past. But we were surprised at how easily we picked up without missing a beat. We talked, laughed and absolutely enjoyed each other's company from the moment we came together late Friday afternoon to the moment we said goodbye late Sunday afternoon. Even after so many years, we love each other so much that our bonds remain as strong as they ever were.

We have vowed to make our gathering an annual event. Why wait until another one of life's milestones to enjoy a sisterhood that played such a huge part in shaping who we are?


Troop Members: 

Jill Jorden Spitz
Susan Armstrong
Ronnie Crider
Mimi Polanskyj
Beth Laing
Julie Agan
Julie Parizek