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Camp, Program Events, and Membership Registration Explained


Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona is currently utilizing 3 different programs to track our registrations.  We are in the middle of a complete transition out of our membership databases. We are moving from Personify (eBiz) into Salesforce Member Community – found through MyGS, a cloud based program that will better serve everyone’s needs.  It is always our goal to deliver the best possible customer service, and as a non-profit, software solutions happen within the budget, therefore cannot happen all at once.

What that means for caregivers and troop leaders:

Camp Registration

When: Starting 2/15/16

  • To make it easier for our membership. 
  • To promote better information sharing in a secure, HIPAA compliant program.
  •  Returning campers will simply need to update files and can now add registration and payment in one place.  New camp profiles are easy to create. Based on customer feedback, is much easier to navigate than eBiz. 
  • Make as many or as few payments as you need to.

Program Events Registration

eBiz (Personify) Link on the top right hand corner of website.
Currently active, but will be replaced with Activities in MyGS by the end of the year.
To move towards a more user friendly platform that is connected to MyGS.  

Membership Registration  and Renewal

Individual, Family, and Troop membership management are currently live, Activities will go live by the end of this year.  You will notice two new tabs when logged into your MyGS profile, Activities, and My Activities.  They are not active yet, but a sign of what’s coming up!  This is where you will be able to track events once testing is complete.  6 Councils are piloting activities functionality on all of our behalf in order to make it better for all of us!
Why: Once we complete this conversion, it is our hope that the Volunteer Systems will be a one stop shop for our membership.  Our website, Volunteer Toolkit, MyGS, and Activities will all be connected so that we can all better serve our girls!

We understand that this means our membership requires 3 different logins, and that is no fun!  We recommend using the same User ID and password for all of them to make it easier. 

At the end of the day, if you follow any of the links from our website, you will be taken to the appropriate place to register.  Thank you for your patience as we work hard to get this done!

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Colleen McDonald, Director of Operations, at