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Background Checks and Opportunity Catalog Explained

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Hello Wonderful Volunteers!

I would like to first thank you for all you do to ensure our girls have the most amazing experience in Girl Scouts!

It is for girls safety that our Volunteer Policies, approved by the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona Board of Directors, asks every volunteer to renew their background check annually. In November, we merged to a new and improved Volunteer Management system.  We would like to say THANK YOU for being patient as we learn the full functionality of this great system. Many components are auto generated, and you may have already received an email asking you to renew your background check. We apologize as the email may be misleading and directed only towards new members. Unfortunately, it is not something we can edit and is intended for all volunteers in need of a background check. With the new system, in order to view your roster and have access to the Volunteer Tool Kit, you must have two adults in a leadership role with a current registration and an updated background check. If you have not had a chance to renew your membership this year, please contact one of our Customer Care representatives at 520-327-2288 , they would love to help you in any way possible. 

Another important component to this system is our Opportunity Catalog. This is a wonderful resource for our future members that helps them find a troop to join! If you have space in your troop, or need to make changes to your troop meeting time/place, please follow the link . Don’t worry; all information will be kept confidential (not listed publicly). We will only list your troop in the opportunity catalog if you opt-in to the catalog. Even if you choose not to join the Opportunity Catalog, we still need your most recent troop information. By sharing your meeting information with us, you can help us get a better picture of where we have Girl Scout troops so that we can form new troops where girls need them most. We currently have 400 girls on our placement list looking to join the sisterhood!

We would like to thank you for your dedication to this movement and to our leaders of tomorrow. We APPRECIATE every one of you and know this movement would not exist without you!

Niki Hoffman
Director of Membership and Volunteerism