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  • Girls Choice - International Trip Vote

    Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona is seeking a guidance from our teen girls about the destination of our next international trip- currently slated for summer of 2018. Girls who are Cadette level or older are eligible to vote. Each girl gets 1 vote. Adults are not eligible to vote. Duplicate votes will not be considered. Deadline to vote is 3/3/17.

    *Girl Scouts of Southern AZ reserves the rights to alter destination regardless of vote outcome (before the trip is booked) for circumstances relating to inclusion, world climate, girl safety etc. There is a minimum number of girl participants required for this trip to run (TBD) This is a trip for girls. There will be an appropriate number of adult chaperones. Volunteers can apply to chaperone the trip but will not be selected if their daughter is traveling on the trip.

    Here is a more information surrounding the four choices:

    ·         8 or 9 days --London and Paris -  Itinerary, Webpage,...

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  • A Message From Sylvia Acevedo: A Commitment to Inclusivity is Part of our DNA

    Guest blog by Sylvia Acevedo, Interim National CEO of GSUSA

    At Girl Scouts of the USA, a commitment to inclusivity is part of our DNA. Founded by a daring and courageous woman who wasn’t afraid to break the mold, Juliette Gordon Low plainly stated that Girl Scouts was to be a Movement "for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world.”

    For more than 100 years, we have lived up to these words and carried forward the legacy of openness, inclusion, and unity that Juliette Low handed down to us. We have actively embraced all girls and are reflective of American society. Through turbulent and troubled times, through wars and economic depressions, and through periods of peace and prosperity, we have always served girls in every walk of life, without regard to their race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, economic standing, orientation, country of birth, or family history. Girl Scouts has truly been, and will always be, a Movement for ALL girls—a place where girls can, must, and will feel safe to explore their potential, learn new skills, make lifelong friends, and tap into their potential for the leadership that our world so desperately needs. In today’s environment, some of our girls may be experiencing certain pressures and anxieties; they may feel unsure, confused, or even threatened. So let me be perfectly clear: Girl Scouts of the USA is here for them. Our role is to support and encourage every girl, not insert ourselve...

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  • Southern Arizona Leadership on Participation in Inauguration

    We as the leaders of Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona have found ourselves and our movement center stage in the dialogue regarding who should and should not participate in the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. This has spurred conversation across news and social media channels and we want to share our position with you. First and foremost we stand for girls and our girls’ right to choose how they participate in our Democracy. We encourage girls to stand for what they believe in, to advocate for themselves and others, and take action in their communities.  Girl Scouts in the Washington DC Council volunteered to participate in the 2017 Presidential Inauguration just as Girl Scouts have done for the past 100 years. Troops in DC made their decision in March 2016, long before the election was decided. They did not volunteer to participate based on politics or party; they volunteered to be a part of history and the long-honored peaceful transition of power in our Country.  We support them in their decision; just as we support girls who choose to participate in the Women’s March on Saturday.  We also support girls who choose not to participate at all. 

    You see, in our role as leaders we are true to the inclusiveness that our movement professes. There is a place for every girl in Girl Scouting. Girl Scouting allows girls to find their voice and use it. As their leaders and role models we encourage each one of our girls to do just that. It is not our rol...

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  • Girls Choice Badges Back!

    Girls’ voices need to be heard. So we brought the Girl Scout #GirlsChoose badges back for a third time!  Use your voice to vote for the next set of national badges. Will Outdoors or STEM win? The choice is yours. Voting concludes on January 22nd.  

    Vote Now!

  • An Introduction to the STEM Girl Scout Journeys

    Written by: Jamie Madden

    AmeriCorps Member – STEM Specialist


    First of all, what is STEM?

    STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Some use STEAM interchangeably, which broadens the acronym to add an Art element. Since I try to encourage art to be a part of everything, I will just continue to use STEM.

    The national push to combine these specific subjects started sometime in the early 2000’s. The idea was to improve education in these subjects and to introduce initiatives to meet the country’s needs. By 2008, it had become a common educational term. (source).

    “Currently, women in the U.S. earn over 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees in all fields, yet they receive less than 20 percent of degrees in computer science, engineering and physics. A recent study by the American Association of University Women found that, in 2013, 26 percent of all computing jobs were held by women, a drop from 35 percent in 1990.” (

    The push for STEM education for girls and women is crucial</...

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  • Girl Scout Intern on Social Justice Troop

    By Sydney Kofron

    This semester, as a social media intern for Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, I had the unexpected opportunity to work with the Social Justice Department. At first, I was there to observe, making observations about the work of the troop leaders and the young girls. After a few trips there, I was asked by the department to continue to work with the girls, now as one of their troop leaders.

    It was an easy transition, as the girls knew me before from the little work I had done with them. They began to respect me as a leader, listening to me when I would begin to take charge, chatting with me about their personal lives.

    Before, I thought they had grown a lot in the two times I had met with them, but seeing how they are now is inspiring. The shy girls I had known before have gained a tremendous amount of confidence, completely different from the girls that were present on day one. They’ve acquired skills through numerous activities, like creating bird feeders, interacting with nature, learning how to lead games and the Girl Scout bylaws before the meetings. They slowly but surely began to speak out about their feelings, learning how to respect each other and what it means to be a sister to every Girl Scout. I watched friendships form between girls of all ages and I couldn’t be prouder of their progression.

    Of course, there were conflicts between some of the girls. There were occasional issues, or girls not listening, and I lear...

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  • Let's Send a Message to the World

    What if...what if you could send a message to the world? What would you say? The Southern Arizona Troop 87 asked themselves just that question last week after hearing about World View and TMC for Children's campaign "Let's Send A Message to The World".

    From war, terrorism, racism, climate change, poverty, famine, environmental concerns, to their fellow animals, this small troop of 9, 10 and 11 year olds feel the weight of the world, but also the need to make the world a better place.

    They were excited to put down on paper their feelings and even more thrilled to think that this message might be heard high above our beautiful blue planet. Perhaps from up there, we adults may hear and act on what the children have to say.

    Rachel Miller
    Co-leader Troop 87


    *The deadline for letters has been extended through 11/29, click here for more on how to participate! 

  • Stand Beside Her Week

    We have joined up with Girl Scouts Heart of the South to celebrate National Stand Beside Her Week from October 30th – November 5th, 2016. This program is a call to action to make a national effort to change our society so every girl and woman can feel their best.

    The Stand Beside Her Movement falls every year on the week of Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday, the Girl Scout founder. Low dedicated her life to helping young girls become strong and successful women and this program reiterates her purpose.

    This week only, Girl Scouts will be able to earn the Stand Beside Her Patch by completing activities for each of the different grade levels. Each activity highlights a different part of the Girl Scout Law and is related to the core values of National Stand Beside Her Week. Patches can be purchased online

  • Visiting the Birthplace of Girl Scouts

    When we arrived at the Tucson airport, I was jumping out of my skin with excitement. I was very excited to go on an airplane even though it wasn’t my first time. My first time I was a baby so this was like a first time experience for me. I got a set of wings from the airline attendant which I wore probably on my uniform.

    Day 1: We loaded up with water and had some free time so we walked all over Savannah until it was time to meet up with my Girl Scout sisters from Louisiana, Wisconsin and New York. We were put into teams and we were teamed up with New York. We participated in a Girl Scout scavenger hunt and came in first place while we earned the Discover Savannah Patch! After that we were exhausted but went back to the hotel to have a pizza party. It was a lot of fun getting to know all the other girls. We went swimming and played Marco polo! Having had this free time in the morning really allowed us to get to know Savannah really well. We had ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream which is a pretty famous ice cream shop since 1919. I got a patch from there. We also met some Savannah fire fighters who took a picture with me and Juliette. We gave them a box of Girl Scout cookies. We even stopped for lunch at the Lady and Sons which is Paul Dean’s restaurant. I was able to get a patch from the restaurant too.

    Day 2: in the morning during breakfast we had an exciting visit from Forest Gump. It was fun to interact with him. I gave him the Juliette d...

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  • Holiday Marketplace for Members

    Volunteers… do you have a direct sale/MLM business?

    We are considering hosting an event to give our hardworking Volunteers who have a direct marketing/MLM type business a chance to invite their customers to our Resource Center in Tucson for a holiday marketplace to promote their products and provide a fun, one stop shopping experience.  It’s not just about cookie sales, we’d love to support our grown up Girl Scouts who are entrepreneurs too!

    Our target date is Tuesday November 1st from 6-8pm at the Tucson Resource Center. 

    To participate: 

    ·       You must be a GS Volunteer who owns and works the business yourself 

    ·       We will give a table to one person from each company - IE- 1 Jamberry rep, 1 Mary Kay rep, 1 Lularoe rep... If there is interest from more than one person per company, we will have a random drawing to determine who gets the table 

    ·       Each vendor gets 1 table and chairs are first come first served

    ·       We will advertise the event but each vendor is responsible to drive traffic by advertising to their own clients 

    In exchange for participation in fair, we ask for a $20 gift basket for a raffle drawing during the event.  Winner must be present to win.  We have the shop open and will have a gift basket for the shop as well. 


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  • Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona are going places!

    Did you know that almost 30 girls jetted off to Paris and London two years ago.  A similar number of teen girls are headed to Costa Rica next summer to do an awesome service learning project in the rainforest.  Girls and adults often ask me what’s next?  What’s the 2018 trip?  Well get ready to be super excited because the 2018 Girl Scouts So. AZ international trip is a GIRLS CHOICE trip!

    This fall we will be promoting 4 trip choices for girls to learn about the options and get excited.  Then, in the late fall, we’ll hold an electronic vote to determine the trip choice of our teen girls!  More to come later on the actual voting process and eligibility to vote.  In the meantime, let me introduce you to our trip options.  All of these options are tours run by EF Tours for Girl Scouts- Trusted travel partner of GSUSA and Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona.   *minimum number of girls (TBD) will be required in order to run the trip.  All costs are estimated until the trip is booked and girls are registered.  Girls must be Cadettes or older to travel.  Other age restrictions may apply.  Interested adults may apply to be chaperones, but if their daughter is traveling in the group, they will not be selected.

    Come along with us and let’s start dreaming!

    Fashion in Paris- 8 or 9 days  A...

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  • Girl Scout Troop Reunion

    As happens so often in Girl Scouting, the members of our troop became best friends. Some of us started together as Brownies, some of us met as Juniors when our different elementary schools fed into the same middle school.  But however and whenever we came together, we were tight. We remained a troop through high school and earned our Silver Awards and Gold Awards together.

    We camped together, put on puppet shows together and spent two weeks together in San Francisco after we graduated from high school.  After that, we went our separate ways for college and jobs.  We remained in touch, of course, but most of our daily lives were no longer linked. So when we decided to gather at Marriott Starr Pass to celebrate our 50th birthdays this summer, we knew we¹d have fun based on our shared past. But we were surprised at how easily we picked up without missing a beat. We talked, laughed and absolutely enjoyed each other's company from the moment we came together late Friday afternoon to the moment we said goodbye late Sunday afternoon. Even after so many years, we love each other so much that our bonds remain as strong as they ever were.

    We have vowed to make our gathering an annual event. Why wait until another one of life's milestones to enjoy a sisterhood that played such a huge part in shaping who we are?


    Troop Members: 

    Jill Jorden Spitz Susan Armstrong Ronnie Crider Mimi Polanskyj Beth Laing Ju...

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  • New Disney and Girl Scout Partnership!

    Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and Disney Channel are teaming up to inspire girls and their families to practice leadership. The collaboration brings GSUSA’s focus on leading like a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)TM, the Girl Scout way, and Disney Channel’s recently launched animated television series Elena of Avalor into action with the debut of the The Elena of Avalor Leadership Guide by Girl Scouts and Disney Channel. Available in English and Spanish, the guide showcases leadership activities and conversations parents and caregivers can engage in with their preschool through fifth-grade girls to boost their everyday leadership skills and prepare them to create the future they imagine.

    Download the free Leadership Guide (PDF)
    English | Español

  • Volunteer Conference Registration Now Open!

    The third annual Volunteer Conference registration is now open with early bird pricing ending on August 31st. Join community experts and other leaders in the movement to increase your leadership skills, engage in hands on enrichment opportunities, and celebrate our local adult awardees. Participants will select up to four sessions. There is an optional overnight stay and an optional Troop Camp Certification – Level 2 training on Sunday (lunch included).

    Thank you to our sponsor, Vantage West! 

  • Champion for Girls: Philanthropist Spotlight

    Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout!  Emily Kittle Morrison grew up right here in Tucson and was a Girl Scout in our Council.  After graduating from Catalina High School she attended the University of Denver where she started her over 50-year involvement with the Delta Gamma sorority, whose mission is to develop a sisterhood built on a commitment to making the world better through not only service, but also a deep appreciation for each individual.  Sound familiar?  

    Emily continues to live the Girl Scout Promise and Law through her active involvement with many organizations including Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona (she recently helped organize a “Hard Hat Tour” for Girl Scout alumnae to learn more about our new “A Place for Girls,” an expansion of our Tucson campus which is currently under construction), Junior League, Ronald McDonald House, the Catalina High School Foundation, and the Tucson Alumnae Penhellenic Council of which she is the immediate past president.  She has also worked tirelessly for children in foster care, refugee students, and homeless youth. 

    Because of her dedication to making the world a better place, this summer Emily received national recognition by being awarded Delta Gamma’s Catherine Stuart Schmoker Principled Leadership Award, which honors a Delta Gamma Alumna who has made, and continues to...

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  • Memory Beads Badge

    By Amber Jacoby, Memory Beads Facilitator

    Girl Scouts who share their courage, confidence, and character to those who are grieving makes the world a better place.

    The partnership between Girls Scouts of Southern AZ and TuNidito through the Memory Beads Patch builds a future assuring no child will have to grieve alone.  

    When confident girls have the courage and training to recognize when someone is struggling with grief they can make a significant difference in the course of that person’s life.

    Imagine a young person feeling lost in their feelings of grief. Feeling isolated and afraid, maybe shutting down or lashing out because they are misunderstood, being ignored or tragically being bullied simply because someone in their life has died. Unfortunately this occurs every day in schools and social groups around the world.

    Now, image someone reaching out to that person instead of turning away because they don’t know what to do or say. Someone, who is just like them offering comfort, hope and a willingness to sit with them in their grief; accepting them just as they are.  Someone simply offering a little time to hold their hand and to quietly listen.  It would make a world of difference to that grieving person.

    This grieving person is still the same person they have always been.  They are now just trying to come to terms with the new reality of their life. This takes a little time. The act of this kindness and...

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  • Troop 626 Visits Arizona Capitol

    By Cathy Mikkola

    Troop 626 goes to the Capitol. Our girls got to turn an idea into a bill at the house of reps and walk it over to the house Senate to become law. We got to meet a lot of state representatives, and state senates. We worked side by side with Representatives Charlene Fernandez, Lisa Otando and Senator Pancrazi. These 3 ladies are from Yuma and are women in Congress, AND ALL 3 HONORARY GIRL SCOUTS. It was an amazing, powerful learning experience for our girls. The girls took home a lot of new information and ideas to build on for our troop and community. I want to give a special that's to my awesome leader Ms. Margarita who put it all together.

  • Yuma Celebrates Girl Scouts Birthday

    On Saturday March 12th, the Girl Scouts of Yuma county donated gifts to the Maternity Ward at Yuma Regional Medical Center.  In Celebration of the 104th Girl Scouts Birthday, the young girl scouts brought gift baskets filled with diapers, blankets, clothes, bottles, baby lotion, etc. to all the future Girl Scouts Born on our National Birthday. The theme for the baskets were, “Watch me Grow!”  Girl Scouts build girls of Courage, Confidence and  Character.  The baskets included a gardening shovel and plant seeds, and mothers are encouraged to watch their new plants grow alongside their newborn baby girls. 

  • Background Checks and Opportunity Catalog Explained

    Hello Wonderful Volunteers!

    I would like to first thank you for all you do to ensure our girls have the most amazing experience in Girl Scouts!

    It is for girls safety that our Volunteer Policies, approved by the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona Board of Directors, asks every volunteer to renew their background check annually. In November, we merged to a new and improved Volunteer Management system.  We would like to say THANK YOU for being patient as we learn the full functionality of this great system. Many components are auto generated, and you may have already received an email asking you to renew your background check. We apologize as the email may be misleading and directed only towards new members. Unfortunately, it is not something we can edit and is intended for all volunteers in need of a background check. With the new system, in order to view your roster and have access to the Volunteer Tool Kit, you must have two adults in a leadership role with a current registration and an updated background check. If you have not had a chance to renew your membership this year, please contact one of our Customer Care representatives at 520-327-2288 , they would love to help you in any way possible. 

    Another important component to this system is our Opportunity Catalog. This is a wonderful resource for our future members that helps them find a troop to join! If you have sp...

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  • Camp, Program Events, and Membership Registration Explained

    Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona is currently utilizing 3 different programs to track our registrations.  We are in the middle of a complete transition out of our membership databases. We are moving from Personify (eBiz) into Salesforce Member Community – found through MyGS, a cloud based program that will better serve everyone’s needs.  It is always our goal to deliver the best possible customer service, and as a non-profit, software solutions happen within the budget, therefore cannot happen all at once.

    What that means for caregivers and troop leaders:

    Camp Registration

    When: Starting 2/15/16

    • To make it easier for our membership. 
    • To promote better information sharing in a secure, HIPAA compliant program.
    •  Returning campers will simply need to update files and can now add registration and payment in one place.  New camp profiles are easy to create. Based on customer feedback, is much easier to navigate than eBiz. 
    • Make as many or as few payments as you need to.

    Program Events Registration Where: eBiz (Personify) Link on the top right hand corner of website. When:  </...

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  • GSUSA Recruiting for White House Science Fair

    2016 White House Science Fair

    We know our girls love STEM and who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to represent Girl Scouts and Southern Arizona at the WHITE HOUSE?! Here is a message from Girl Scouts of the USA, who are wanting to read all about projects happening Nationally!  

    "This spring the President will host the 2016 White House Science Fair to celebrate the student innovators and future STEM leaders of our country. We are excited to announce that the White House is looking for inspiring girls and has invited Girl Scout councils to submit applications on behalf of girls with impressive STEM projects who are finalists or competitors with compelling personal stories.

    If your Council or troop or girl with a winning STEM project that you would like to submit to be considered for the White House Science Fair, please send the information below to by Wednesday, February 17th

    Provide short descriptions, along with any photos of the project(s) and girl(s) you may have, and be sure to include the following:

    1)      Council Name, Troop #

    2)      First and Last name of Girl(s), age, home city, stat...

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  • Local Girl Scout Aids in Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

    SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – January 14, 2016

    Rebecca Shanks, a 15–year-old Girl Scout from the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona Council, completed Outward Bound Costa Rica’s Sea Turtle Retreat Destination. On this 10-day course, she volunteered in Costa Rica in conservation efforts to protect endangered sea turtles and pushed her limits with unique adventure activities in the outdoors.

    “Outward Bound was an exciting way to experience the beauty and culture of the inexplicably awe-inspiring country [of Costa Rica],” said Rebecca.

    On the shores of Playa Ostional, a beach on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast in the Guanacaste Region, Rebecca and her fellow Girl Scouts participated in a multi-day service project focused on protecting the sea turtle population.

    Ostional is one of the world’s most important nesting sites for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. During their time in the area the group got the rare opportunity to witness an arribada, the mass nesting of hundreds of sea turtles as they lay their eggs.

    Rebecca and her group also gave back to the local community by painting a community center. The group learned about Costa Rican culture first hand while practicing their Spanish and playing soccer with children and families in the region.

    After returning to Outward Bound’s rainforest base in Costa Rica, the group stepped out of their comfort zone on a rainforest hike and toured nearby volcano Irazu and historic sites in Cartago. To finish up t...

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  • Outdoor Update from Cosmos

    Need something to do over Rodeo Break? Are you super excited for camp this summer? Are you super stoked on the new Star Wars movie, and are looking forward to Jedi Jamboree this April? Do you wish you had the skills and knowledge to use in the out of doors? Do you want to minimize human impact on beautiful places? If you said yes to any of these questions, and have some of your own, you are totally ready for the Leave No Trace Experience.

    Did you know that the car company, Subaru, has partnered with Leave No Trace to spread the knowledge of the training duo, Jenna and Sam, across the country and provide activities to people of all ages throughout the year?  On Thursday, February 25th from 2p-4p at the GS Hacienda, you have the opportunity to become a leader and advocate for our long-time Girl Scout, Mother Nature. We can find ways to be Girl Scout superstars and make the world a better place by keeping it cleaner than we found it, and preserving it for many years to come. Those of all ages and genders are welcome to attend this FREE event. Register here! 

    Check out their super cool blog to keep up with all of the cool ways LNT gets involved in the community around you! 


    Outdoor love from Cosmos!



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  • GSRI- The Power of the Girl Scout Gold Award: Excellence in Leadership and Life

    Since 1916, Girl Scouts have been making meaningful, sustainable change in their communities and around the world. The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn, acknowledges the power behind each recipient’s dedication to not only empowering and bettering herself, but also to making the world a better place for others. These young women are courageous leaders and visionary change makers. They are our future, and it looks bright!

    According to the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) study Girl Scouting Works: The Alumnae Impact Study (2012), Gold Award recipients reap greater benefit from their time and experiences in Girl Scouting than non-alumnae. Comparatively, these individuals display more positive life outcomes pertaining to sense of self, life satisfaction, leadership, life success, community service, and civic engagement. Gold Award girls represent our most successful and engaged—and happiest—Girl Scout alumnae.

    Here are some pretty impressive outcomes of the Alumae Impact Study (2012):     

    Life Outcomes of Gold Award Recipients Versus Non-Girl Scout Alumnae

    1. Sense of Self

      Gold Award recipients have more positive attitudes about themselves and the life they lead.   70% strongly feel they lead a purposeful and meaningful life, compared with 42% of non-alumnae. ...

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  • Awareness + Action = Social Change

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and GSSOAZ is partnering with Emerge, YWCA, and many other organizations by by being a part of the equation: Awareness + Action = Social Change.

    Witnessing violence as a child is the strongest risk factor in transmitting violent behavior from one generation to the next.  Boys who witness domestic violence are twice as likely to abuse their own partners and children when they become adults.  Every 44 minutes in Arizona, one or more children witness domestic violence.  Up to 60% of perpetrators of intimate partner violence also abuse their children. This has to stop.  It can be overwhleming to think about, but we can start with things that are easy to do.

    Participate in Wear Purple Day, October 23rd.  Organize your workplace and or family to participate, post pictures to your social media accounts with #DVAM2015.  Go online and educate yourselves, donate your time and/or resources to a local shelter, find ways to help with prevention by fostering healthy relationships and being the example.  

  • See Where Girl Scouts Began on this Mom and Daughter Experience!

    Travel to Savannah with Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona CEO, Debbie Rich, on this exciting trip! There is so much to learn, love, and explore in Savannah. Visit Juliette Gordon Low's Birthplace, take guided tours of historic and fun sites, and visit the first Girl Scout Headquarters. 

    This four day trip is a great way to travel with your sisters! Girls Cadette and up can travel with the group. Junior girls and their moms are welcome to take this trip, too! Are you a Girl Scout Alumnae? You can come, too! 

    Don't miss out on this great experience. 

    The price for all ages is $1730 and currently the monthly price is $217.

    Get registered today! 

  • Paint Pima Purple

    If someone you know told you that they were being abused, what would you do? Do you know what resources are available in your community to get your friend help?

    In Arizona, a child witnesses domestic violence incident every 44 minutes. 

    We are proud to partner with Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse and many other partners across Pima County to raise awareness and spread the word about resources. 

    This very real issue impacts our girls and families. Learn more about domestic abuse, how to recognize the signs, and how to get help. 

  • RV City Supports Programs in Cochise County

    RV City is a big supporter of the Girl Scouts in Cochise County. With their yearlong partnership, they will be supporting Huachuca City Elementary Social Justice program, the Cookies for Military program as well as Girl Scout events throughout Cochise County.  

    The support of RV City will allow Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona to extend our reach to engage more girls is important leadership and skill building opportunities.

    Always striding for complete customer satisfaction, RV City is a firm believer in giving back to their local community. 

  • Thank You, Military Families!

    Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona and Comcast are so thankful for the sacrifices our military families make. To say thank you, we have partenered to offer girls a chance to get away from it all at Operation Red Shirt. The activities the girls can experience are fun, challenging, and build skills. 

    Watch what it is all about! 

  • Girl Volunteer Corps is Looking for New Members!

    Wield a hammer and paintbrush to fix a house, and build a home for a kitten. Volunteer at local organizations to make your mark on the world. You’ve already got the smarts and the passion to lead – stay informed about issues affecting your community and take action today. Making your community a better place has never been so fun!

    Stay in the loop about upcoming events at We have some really fun ways to serve coming up soon!

  • AJ Goes Rock Climbing!

    This summer, we took the girls in Adelante Jovencitas to Rock and Ropes rock climbing gym. It was a first for many of them and they were really excited. At first, a few of the girls were hesitant because they didn’t think it looked safe, but they got over their fears pretty quickly! The next thing you know they are climbing on the walls that are slanted! It was awesome to see them step up to the challenge, experience something new, and support one another! 

  • NEW Outdoor Badges

    The girls have spoken! The Girls’ Choice Outdoor Badges are available now here

    Download the badge requirements and get started with your girls as they explore the outdoors, solve problems, and work as a team.

    What did the girls choose?

    • Brownies: Outdoor Adventurer
    • Juniors: Horse Back Riding
    • Cadettes: Archery
    • Seniors: Paddling
    • Ambassadors: Ultimate Recreation

    Badges are available for purchase in our retail shops!

  • Volunteer Conference 2015-Where Super Heroes Grow Strong