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Adult Recognitions

Adult Volunteer Awards

Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona values all adult members and recognizes the contribution they make in developing girl leaders. Girl Scout Adult Awards and Recognitions are awarded to adult members who provide exemplary service and go above and beyond the expectations of their position to make a difference in the organization.

Volunteers and staff across all departments and functions within Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona are encouraged to nominate adults for formal Girl Scouts of the USA and GSSoAZ awards. For detailed descriptions of each award or recognition, along with nomination criteria, examples of potential award candidates, and nomination forms click here.  Please note that there will be one volunteer chosen per award.

Who to Consider for Recognition? 
Adult volunteers in any position in Girl Scouting.


Formal Recognitions

Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona recognizes and honors adult awards each April during Volunteer Appreciation Month.  Specific dates and times will be added to out events calendar.

Where do you wear award pins?

Earned award pins are worn above the ID pin, high up near the shoulder on the right side of the adult uniform. Other volunteer recognition pins, such as the Grade Level Volunteer pins, can be worn below the ID pin on the right side. The Volunteer Position bar is worn in between the Girl Scouts Membership pin and the World Association pin on the left side (It is recommended that these pins should be worn on an insignia tab.)

Note: if an adult volunteer has received more than one special recognition, the highest level or the latest award received is generally the one worn on the uniform.