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Teen girl travel is one of the best reasons to stay involved in Girl Scouting.  Girl Scouts of the USA provides opportunities for troops to travel together- these are called Getaways.  There are also opportunities for individual girls apply to travel independent of their troops, these are called Destinations.   The trips offered for summer of 2014 are up on the GSUSA website now.  Find the trip that appeals to you and download the application and reference form.  Applications are due to by Thanksgiving.    Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona is applying for a grant and should have some scholarship monies available to assist with Destinations expenses.

Last year we had three girls travel to Destinations.  Here are highlights from their trips. 

"I had such a wonderful experience at "One If By Land, Two If By Sea" GS Scout destination trip in Boston on July 2013.  I had many new experiences and met people who would become lifelong friends.  With the friends that I met on this 9 day adventure we enjoyed exploring the many wonders of Boston both on land and at sea.  The things I enjoyed were Spectacle Island which had an amazing assortment of trees and flowers along with wonderful hiking trails surrounded with lush green grass.  The New England Aquarium was filled to the brim with loads of unique sea life and had touch tanks where you could reach the backs of stingrays whose skin felt softer than silk.  At Faneuil Hall we were able to stop and relax after a jam-packed day and eat some wonderful food while looking at tiny little shops and adorable boutiques. Plymouth Plantation was also loads of fun; we learned about the colonist and how they lived back in the 1800's.  We also enjoyed spending long afternoons just kicking back with the sand in our toes under the most vivid sunsets while laughing and giggling with new found friends during picnics at the beach.  I also enjoyed the class on one of the ships we visited where I got to hold clams, crabs, and lobsters.  Lastly I enjoyed the night when we went candlestick bowling.  The difference between candlepin bowling and 10-pin bowling is that the candlepins are cylindrical in shape, the balls are much smaller, and you get three chances to knock all the pins.  After enjoying a couple of rounds of bowling and a lot of laughter, my friends and I headed out towards Main Street.  The Main Street was so adorable just like out of a fairy tale; it was filled with cupcake and ice cream shops along with plenty of dazzling boutiques.  After we were satisfied we rushed on to the bus where each and every one of us immediately fell asleep.  At the end of my wonderful time in Boston we all had to say our painful goodbyes to our new best friends, promising to visit them in the near future, and with one final goodbye we all rush home full of new stories to share with our family and friends." -Nina


"This summer shoved me out of my comfort zone. I have never been the kind of person to pack up, go to another state and live with strangers. I went on a destination trip this past summer and had the time of my life going to another state, living and working with strangers.

The Happy Trails destination in Georgia was a wonderful experience. I got to work hands on with the horses from day one. We rode every day and learned all about how to care for the horses. My favorite part was when we were allowed to hang out in the paddock and see which horses came up to us and observe their behavior.

On destination trips, the girls can come from all over the US. To the other girls, I didn’t have an accent; however , I spent so much time with these girls from all different places like Texas, Wisconsin, and Minnesota that I started talking with an accent. It took two days for that accent to go away after I got home. It made my parents laugh." -Kelly



"This summer, I just spaced out while visiting Huntsville, Alabama! I attended Space Academy at The U.S. Space and Rocket Center. What an amazing experience! We stayed in “the Habitat”, a building with rooms that could have been sleeping quarters in the International Space Station. We watched amazing IMAX movies, and visited the museums. We got to ride the simulators like the 1/6th gravity chair, where you feel like you’re on the surface of the moon, the MMU trainers, which simulate a frictionless environment, and the MAT, which feels like your space crafts is spinning uncontrollably. We built rockets, launched them, and designed a lunar colony! My favorite part, though, had to be the missions. In the first mission, we had to complete an ISS crew exchange. I even got to dress in a space suit and replace heat tiles, while in a floating harness! Then, we had to save a broken lunar base and it’s crew. I had such a great time! Thank you Girl Scout Destinations!"  -Rebecca


23, 2013


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