• Vegan Thin Mints

    We are deeply disappointed to share with the vegan and southern Arizona community that some of the new vegan and allergen friendly recipe Thin Mints cookies were packaged in last year’s non-vegan ingredient boxes. While the cookies inside are this year’s recipe, the box does not reflect this.The old Thin Mint recipe contained whey (a form of dairy) was removed from the ingredient list from the previous Thin Mint nutritional labeling. Also a flavor enhancer was replaced with a non-dairy flavor enhancer but had no impact on the ingredient list. You should find the new Thin Mint cookie taste and texture are unaffected by these changes.The new ingredient labeling reflects these changes. Unfortunately, some of the new recipe vegan-friendly Thin Mints were distributed in last year’s boxes with t…

    19 2015
  • What's It All About? #tbt 1973

    Girl Scouting- What is can and should mean to today's girl as she prepares for the future. Article by Audrey Finkelstein, Leader Magazine 1973 What's Girl Scouting all about?  Is it just a program-an activity? Or is it an ideal, a philosophy, a way of life?  In other words, is it what happens to the girl during the activity itself?   We are a value-rooted, people-centered MOVEMENT, and "movement" means "a series of acts working toward some desired aim."  Our aim is better people; not better knot tiers; not better fire builders; not better artists, but better people. To be sure, when a Girl Scout has completed a part of the program, her badge of proficiency says that she is competent and can be relied upon in that, but that is a bonus.  Our reason-for-being is not fire-building, but cha…

    11 2014
  • Little Free Library: Troop 4 helping others start their own!

    Girl Scout Troop 4 built a Little Free Library which got vandalized shortly after it opened. Here is the story about how this group of Girl Scouts created a great community resource, learned about challenges and adversity, and then rose up and made something even better that could be shared with even more people!   Interested in starting your own Little Free Library?  Apply now for this awesome resource: Troop 4 Little Library Grant Application.

    04 2014
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