• Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona and Primavera Partner for Tucson Initiative

    Goal: to Increase the Financial Literacy of Hispanic Women “We assume that having money and knowing how to manage money is intuitive, and that is not true,” said Renee Bibby, Primavera Foundation. “It is a technical skill that is acquired through knowledge, seeing positive financial role models and practice. This program teaches moms and daughters the technical skill of managing money.” The Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona in partnership with the Primavera Foundation are encouraging Hispanic girls and women to increase their financial literacy while overcoming and avoiding financial hardship through a program called “Her Family.” Together, Primavera and the Girl Scouts are working to create positive female role models for young women and encourage current Girl Scouts to tap into their bus…

    06 2014
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Kurt Lemke

    This month we’d like to spotlight our volunteer Kurt Lemke.  Kurt volunteers as an Assistant Leader for Troop 8054 and does the check in and out of the Yuma camping gear. In Troop 8054 he helps as an advisor to the Cadettes, Senior and the one Ambassador.  He has also set up all of their GS ceremonies, coordinates with the other level leaders for events, trips and community service.  Kurt also keeps track of the progress on how the troop is doing though the year to make sure that it becomes a Super Troop.  He is usually one of the first to sign up for Lead the Way trainings and encourages the rest of the troop leaders to do the same. Last year was his first taste in preparing the troop parents and girls to sell cookies. He likes to volunteer with GS because his two girls are both Cadettes …

    31 2014
  • The True Value of Water

    By David Modeer, General Manager, Central Arizona Project The growing conversation regarding climate change – or at least the changes in weather patterns around the globe and throughout the U.S. – has led to a changed understanding about the value of water to both individuals and businesses. When you add the drought experienced in the West to the significant floods in other parts of the country, you start to understand why this change is taking place.     Our interest in water has gone beyond whether water is available when you turn on your faucet to get a drink, water your lawn or brush your teeth. There is now a greater understanding of the broad value of water. Water has become much more of an interest to everybody and influences decision making with regard to starting, expanding or…

    22 2014
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