900 Girls Welcomed to Girl Scouting

by Super Kristi

Investiture motionBeing a Girl Scout is one of those things that every girl should experience in their lifetime. Girls do crafts, sing silly songs, camp, and learn life skills, but it’s more than that. Girl Scouts is for fun, but it’s also for becoming leaders and accomplishing big things. As I sat down to write this, I tried to remember what I remember most about being a young Girl Scout. We always had so much fun. My best friends were in Girl Scouts with me and we got to have experiences that I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. And that’s why, this week, we welcome almost 900 new girls to Girl Scouting – because the experiences they have as Girl Scouts will stay with them forever, and without it, they might not have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a guinea pig or build a school garden. They might not be able to become expert story tellers or go rock climbing. As part of the intervention and prevention programs led by our Social Justice team, girls participate in year round afterschool programs where they discover new skills, connect with others, and take action in their schools and communities.

Girl Scout ceremonies commemorate accomplishments and enable girls to share Girl Scout history and traditions and create their own special memories. This week we officially welcomed these girls to the Girl Scout movement through a very special investiture ceremony where they are presented with a sash, their Girl Scout membership pin, and the badges they’ve earned so far this year: Girl Scout Ways and Fair Play. Having just been a spectator and photographer at these events and not knowing the individual girls or what they had been working on, the smiles on their faces as they were presented with their uniforms said it all. To view more pictures from the ceremonies this week, visit our Google+ Page!

group photo motion


Our after school Girl Scout programs are offered at no cost to the girls, families, and schools and are supported by grants, donations, and some proceeds from the Girl Scout Cookie program. To sponsor a girl membership or help fund a troop during the school year, please donate here

22, 2013


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