• Exciting changes are coming to Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona!

    This is an exciting year for Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona. Our Volunteer Systems project has several new components, among them a return to Area Teams to support volunteers in each area of our Council.  One feature of the Area Teams will be regular, monthly meetings which will include: Updated info on Council happenings Social time and potluck meals Staff partner representative Opportunities to network with other leaders Peer to peer mentoring and support You’ll find below a list of the areas being set up and the associated zip codes.   Meeting times and locations are being coordinated now and info will be available soon.  You are welcome to attend any meeting that suits your schedule and/or location.  We expect first gatherings to begin happening in September and October.  R…

    18 2015
  • Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona proudly partners with the National Inclusion Project

    As an inclusive organization we are honored to work with the National Inclusion Project. This partnership has allowed for all staff members, both permanent and seasonal, to receive valuable inclusion training. Funding received also provided inclusion scholarships for camp experiences over the summer. We would like to highlight the experience of a Girl Scout family impacted by this partnership. Below is a letter addressed to the National Inclusion Project written by a proud Girl Scout mom. I am writing this letter both to address the impact of inclusion in Girl Scouts for my daughter, Rebecca and to underscore the importance of your collaboration with Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona for future troops.  Rebecca has been a member of Girl Scout troop 518 for eight years (since first grad…

    07 2015
  • IBM Partnership with Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona

    Endless dedication and a genuine passion in team members is a rare and beautiful thing that I know I am lucky to have in my young staff. Yet, with age come skill and expertise and balancing young passion with expertise in business can sometimes be a challenge. As the CEO of Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona (GSSoAZ) I want to invest in my team a business mentality that will empower each of them to build their knowledge and sharpen their skillset, proving them as a fierce competitor in the business world.  Having a young staff that is still in college or recent graduates can be a task in itself but I want to provide my team with an ethical corporate culture to have accountability for their work and create an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses as they grow into new or expanded roles…

    05 2015
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